Stop Smoking Preparation


In addition to smoking "addiction" …there is also "habit".

It will help to prepare yourself before the Laser Treatment.


Try not to smoke in your normal places. (Example:)

 In the car

 Watching TV

While using the Computer

In bed

With your morning Coffee

Any other activity that you crave a cigarette with.


Walk outside to have those cigarettes.  This will help you get out of the habit of smoking in your favorite places.

The day of your appointment, before leaving your house, empty and wash all ashtrays. Spray your home with “Fabreeze” “Lysol” or “Oust” to delete the smell from your home. (Car also if you smoke in your car)


After the treatment

Replace your smoking urges/habits with celery, carrots, Slim Jims or Beef Jerky if needed.  You may also want to purchase sugar free candy. Drinking water may also help the urge. DO NOT replace urges with food, candy bars, chips or etc. Drink as much water as you can to help cleanse your body of the nicotine. It will take 2 weeks for the cleansing.



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