This was taken from an article written in the New York Times in 2001

Written By: Kelly Bowser



Thousands of U.S. citizens, many sent by doctors, are crossing the border to Canada for an alternative treatment to help them stop smoking.
American doctors usually don't send patients to Canada for medical treatment. But many physicians say they have seen results from laser therapy in Canadian Clinics - a treatment that isn't approved for use in the United States.
"I think we have to be a little wider in our scope," said Dr Michael Moore, who practices in a Buffalo suburb. Not everything is middle-of-the-road, garden-variety Western medicine. Most of the things that we have available aren't all that effective."
Thousands of people in the Great Lake region have crossed the border since the late 1980s, seeking the therapy. Many have gone to a clinic in Fort Erie, Ontario - just across the border from Buffalo. Studies in Singapore in the mid 1970s first suggested that acupuncture could help nicotine addiction, and laser therapists say the use of modern technology in the procedure creates even better results than the ancient Chinese treatment.
The treatment, which takes less than 30 minutes, involves the therapist shining a low-level laser beam at acupuncture points on the ears, nose and hands. Unlike acupuncture, there are no needles, so there is no pain. When the laser hits designated spots, it triggers a reaction by the central nervous system that produces natural pain suppressors called endorphins, which gives the patient a "nice relaxed feeling". The feeling fades after a couple days, but the effects linger for several months, effectively curbing patient's craving for nicotine. Anyone that goes that long without smoking, really has it licked by then.

When this article was written, The United States would not approve the treatment nor were there any studies being conducted on this topic. Now,  studies are being conducted and the treatment is available in different states in the US.



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